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Guest Spotlight: Laurrell Russell & Susie Mills

Laurrell Russell (pictured left) and her five children all under the age of 12 have been guests of St. George’s Center for a few years now. They love the hot meals and new friends they have met here. Laurrell’s children enjoy using our small Parish Hall Library where they borrow books and often donate other books they have. Laurrell has also been able to get some clothing for herself and her children during our Mid-Day Meal Clothing Donation.

Susie Mills (pictured right) has been a guest of St. George’s for over 10 years. She currently lives in West Palm and takes the bus almost every day. She is always a ray of sunshine with a big, grateful smile on her face. She loves St. George’s because of the good food and the people that she gets to meet. Susie donates her time back to St. George’s by watering and helping to take care of the garden.

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